Clergy Sermons

At Central Synagogue

Sermons from February 2016

Rabbi Rebecca  Rosenthal
Parashat Ki Tisa

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal  |  February 26, 2016

Maurice A. Salth
Parashat T’tzaveh

Maurice A. Salth  |  February 19, 2016

Rabbi Nicole Auerbach
Hidden Gifts (Parashat Terumah)

Rabbi Nicole Auerbach  |  February 12, 2016

What does it take to create an environment where God could dwell among us? Some tzedakah. Some love. But what if what you’re asked to give is something that you don’t think you have? What if God asks you to hand over the magical rainbow unicorn in your back pocket?

Angela W. Buchdahl
Parashat Mishpatim

Angela W. Buchdahl  |  February 5, 2016