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At Central Synagogue, music is a primary means of community building and elevating the spirit. Cantor Dan Mutlu, Cantor Jenna Pearsall, and Rabbi Angela Buchdahl lead our congregation in a wide array of familiar and new melodies.

You can listen to more music from Central Synagogue on Soundcloud, Central’s YouTube channel, or by downloading one of our recent albums: Sounds of Shabbat and Sounds of Healing.

From the Bimah

Central Recordings

Listen to a selection of Central’s recent recordings.

Other Music

  • “Taking Your Place” (sheet music)
    written by Abby Pogrebin, performed by Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

    Honorary Central President, author and journalist Abby Pogrebin wrote “Taking Your Place” in 2011 at the request of then-Senior Rabbi Peter Rubinstein and Cantor Angela Buchdahl to underscore the meaning of becoming bat/bar/b'nei mitzvah. Read about Abby’s journey to writing this song in the article “Coming of Age” at

  • “Zekher l’ma’ase”
    written by Lazar Weiner

    Central Synagogue commissioned this work to celebrate our centennial in 1970. From the liner notes: “In their inventive construction, lean harmonies, and exquisite tastefulness, all the constituent settings reflect Weiner’s trademark standards. Yet their sophistication never shines for its own sake, but rather as an adjunct to prayer and a manifestly liturgical expression.”

Central Synagogue Albums

Sounds of Shabbat at Central Synagogue, 2013 (Recorded live in our Sanctuary)

Sounds of Shabbat at Central Synagogue, 2013 (Recorded live in our Sanctuary)


  1. L'chu N'ran'na (Katchko/Sephardic, arr. Cantor Daniel Singer)
  2. Zamru L'Adonai (Noah Aronson)
  3. Psalm 96: Shiru L'Adonai (Cantor Jordan Franzel)
  4. Shiru L'Adonai Shir Chadash (Shlomo Carlebach)
  5. L'cha Dodi (Aaron Bensoussan)
  6. Am I Awake/Barechu (Noah Aronson)
  7. Mi Chamocha (Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel)
  8. Hashkiveinu/Shelter Us (Josh Zweiback)
  9. Hashkiveinu (Danny Maseng)
  10. Adonai S'fa Tai (Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel)
  11. Oseh Shalom (Michael Ochs)
  12. Yih'yu L'ratzon (Hollis Schachner, arr. Rachelle Nelson)
  13. Those Who Sow (Debbie Friedman)
  14. Shalom Aleichem (Debbie Friedman)
  15. Adon Olam (Yehezkel Braun, arr. David Strickland)
  16. Adon Olam Folk, Amsterdam
  17. America the Beautiful/Hatikva (America the Beautiful lyrics: Katherine Lee Bates; music: Samuel A. Ward; Hatikvah poem: Naphtali Herz Imber; music: Giuseppe Cenci, arr. by David Strickland)

song lyrics (PDF)


Lead Vocals
Rabbi Angela Buchdahl and Cantor Julia Cadrain

Music Director
David Strickland

The Band
Elana Arian (violin, guitar, mandolin)
Ivan Barenboim (clarinet, bass clarinet, recorder, soprano saxophone)
Benny Koonyevsky (drums, percussion)
Rami El-Aasser (drums, percussion—tracks 2, 5, & 10)
David Romano (acoustic bass)
David Strickland (piano, organ, keyboard)

Supporting Vocals
Tami Petty, Misa Iwama, David Vanderwal, and Joe Neal; Neil Netherly and Nathan Silertracks 8, 9, 14, 16; Teen Choir—tracks 7 & 1: Sarah Blau, Dani Bergman Chudnow, Lily Coad, Sophie Dornbaum, Elena Golub, Sarah Horne, Grace Lambert, Simone Lavin, Scott Leff, Hannah Markowitz, Sara Stuchiner, Avery Ostro, Bella Scarselli, and Clare Steinman

Produced by Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, Cantor Julia Cadrain, David Strickland, Misa Iwama, and Jesse Lauter

Recorded by Jesse Lauter and Chase Culpon

Mixed by Jesse Lauter

Mastered by Alan Silverman (Arf! Mastering, NYC)

Cover Photo by Doug Isaacson

Jacket Design by Maria Radacsi

With Gratitude
To Mindy and Jon Gray and their family for making this gift possible.

Sounds of Healing, 2017

Sounds of Healing, 2017


  1. Mi Shebeirach (music: Debbie Friedman)
  2. Hashkiveinu (music: Cantor Daniel Mutlu)
  3. Aneini (music & English text: Noah Aronson)
  4. Oh Guide My Steps (English text & music: Deborah Jacobson, Ufros Aleinu; melody: Julie Silver)
  5. Sanctuary (words & music: John Thompson and Randy Scruggs)
  6. Adonai Ro’i [Psalm 23] (music: Gerald Cohen)
  7. Hashkiveinu (music: Dan Nichols)


Cantors Daniel Mutlu and Julia Cadrain, and Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

Music Director
David Strickland

The Band
Elana Arian (violin, guitar)
Ivan Barenboim (clarinet, soprano saxophone)
David Strickland (piano, organ, keyboards)

Produced by Cantors Daniel Mutlu and Julia Cadrain, Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, David Strickland, and Bill Siegmund

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bill Siegmund, Digital Island Studios; Central Synagogue & St. Columba Church; NY, NY: Summer 2017

Cover Photo by Alan Barnett

Jacket Design by Jessica Accamando

With Gratitude
To the Zipp family (Martha, Brian, Elena and Jack) for their generous support of Central Synagogue’s thriving musical tradition.

The Gabe M. Wiener Memorial Organ Concerts 

Central hosts semi-monthly lunchtime organ concerts featuring talented musicians from around the world. Upcoming dates are listed on our Calendar. More about the Gabe M. Wiener Memorial Organ can be found on Our Sanctuary page. (Note: Central’s lunchtime concert series are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.)

Congregational Choirs 

Our congregational choirs (teen and adult) are a wonderful way to experience Jewish music, participate in worship services and concerts, and learn the music of our liturgy. Previous music and/or Hebrew background is welcome but not necessary. Central’s choirs perform at services throughout the year.

Central Teen Choir

Teen choir is a fun and exciting way for teens to spend time with their peers and cantors, and practice leading Central's congregation in song. The highlight of the teen choir experience every year is singing in our High Holy Day services. No auditions necessary, only a love for singing.

For more information or to join either choir, please contact Lori Dubin in our Clergy Department.

Shirim (Song) Team

Shirim Team is a unique congregational singing group for Central's music-lovers. This is not your traditional choir—it's a spirited gathering for all music enthusiasts, regardless of experience. Part Jewish music appreciation and part liturgical glee club, Shirim Team is led by Cantor Dan Mutlu, Cantor Jenna Pearsall, and Central’s music director Dave Strickland.

To join Shirim Team or learn more, please contact [email protected].

Meet Our Musicians

David Strickland
Music Director
piano, organ

Caleb Burhans

Tami Petty

Misa Iwama
Assistant Music Director

Benny Koonyevsky

Dave Romano
string bass

Ivan Barenboim
clarinet, recorder

Neil Netherly

David Vanderwal

Questions about our music or musicians? Please contact Lori Dubin in our Clergy Department.

Our People

Daniel Mutlu

Senior Cantor

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(212) 838-5122 x1000

Jenna Pearsall


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(212) 838-5122 x1000

Lori Dubin

Executive Assistant to the Senior Cantor

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(212) 838-5122 x1016