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Peter J. Rubinstein
Vulnerability (Yom Kippur 5767)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  October 2, 2006

Peter J. Rubinstein
War (Rosh HaShanah 5767)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  September 23, 2006

Peter J. Rubinstein
On Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  January 6, 2006

The Days Are Passing

Elizabeth Brown  |  October 13, 2005

Peter J. Rubinstein
Our Voice and Our Values (Rosh HaShanah 5766)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  October 4, 2005

The contentious issue of whether a rabbi should speak of political matters from the pulpit is a consequential debate in the liberal Jewish community. It is against American law for clergy to endorse a candidate from the pulpit. But the more controversial and significant issue is whether a rabbi should ever speak of matters that by virtue of their contemporary import are being widely addressed in the public forum, debated on the editorial pages of newspapers and in legislative bodies, state houses and across political lines.

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