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Yom Kippur Appeal

Yom Kippur Appeal

The Yom Kippur Appeal (YKA) is our annual fundraising campaign and Central’s main source of operating support beyond membership dues and tuition. It is only through the generosity of our members that we are able to achieve our mission, hire and retain talented staff, provide our members with world-class music, and uphold the highest standards of learning and worship to transform the way people experience Jewish life. Central Synagogue has a global reach and impact, and your support helps us build a future in which Jewish values and beliefs are preserved and shared.

Gifts to the YKA enable us to continue responding with innovation to our community’s needs.

YKA Fund Distribution

Upholding and strengthening the Reform Judaism movement and its values, and with approval from the Board of Trustees, Central distributes up to 1.8% of contributions from the Yom Kippur Appeal to organizations that support World Jewry, Israel, and pluralistic, progressive Judaism.

Selected list of organizations we support through the Yom Kippur Appeal:  

Israel Movement for Progressive and Reform Judaism, the global arm of the URJ, progressive Jewish organizations and houses of worship like the Israel Religious Action Center, Shoham Reform Community, and Mevasseret Zion, and organizations supporting interdenominational education, such as Shalom Hartman Institute and Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. 

Your YKA Support Enables Central’s Worldwide Livestream Reach

Whether being watched by a Central congregant unable to attend services due to illness, or by a participant on the other side of the globe far from a local shul, Central’s livestreamed worship services are appreciated by thousands each week. Your annual support of the YKA ensures that the beautiful singing, prayers, and messages from the bimah are the highest possible quality (and the next best thing to being there in person).

Your YKA Support Enables Jewish Continuity

Your support of Central’s Annual Yom Kippur Appeal helps to fund important initiatives such as the Center for Exploring Judaism, which welcomes anyone wishing to explore Jewish life. Couples and singles alike are invited to take courses, receive guidance and counseling, and join the community. Under the leadership of Rabbi Lisa Rubin, nearly 1,200 students have worked toward Jewish literacy and/or conversion, and together, those alumni have welcomed almost 275 babies into Jewish homes!

Yom Kippur Appeal 5783

Central Synagogue relentlessly strives to be a spiritual home for all of us, as well as thousands of people around the world who rely on us to provide the Jewish community they need. The innovation and creativity of our exceptional Clergy and staff ensure the continuation of our inspirational worship services, top-notch adult programming, and engaging religious school education. Support of our Yom Kippur Appeal will help Central continue to stand as a beacon of hope and positivity throughout the world.

Central’s archived YKA videos from previous years are also available here.