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Women United: Israelis and Palestinians Pursuing Peace

Monday, March 4, 12:00–1:00 pm

Virtual (Zoom)

Together, Women Wage Peace (WWP) and Women of the Sun (WOS) make up the largest grassroots peace movements in Israel and Palestine today. It empowers women from diverse communities to build trust across divides, demand diplomacy, and insist on the full representation and involvement of women in ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a conversation moderated by Rabbi Andrew Kaplan Mandel, WWP members Avital Brown and Enam Farah Odeh and WOS Marwa Hammad come together to share their stories of partnership and struggle. No matter your gender, we hope you will attend.


Avital Brown is the co-founder of PosiTeam Consulting and Training and oversees capacity-building programs for Palestinian hi-tech companies in collaboration with CISCO, USAID, and the EU. In addition to her professional work, she is a dedicated member of WWP, currently serving as a member of the Strategic Team. She was motivated to join WWP through her personal experiences, including seeing her family serve on the frontlines during the 2014 Gaza War. Avital holds degrees in TESL and Educational Technology. 

Enam Farah Odeh is a nurse working in clinical research, with degrees in health systems management and criminology. She is the chairperson of an association for the promotion of research in the Arab sector. Enam is a Palestinian Arab, a citizen of Israel, and lives in the village of Kfar Yasif in the north of Israel. As a social activist and a member of WWP for more than 7 years, she believes in cooperation and dialogue between the two nations, and the power of women as integral to reaching a solution to the conflict and to creating a better life for our children. 

Marwa Hammad is the Fundraiser and Projects Coordinator of Women of the Sun where she develops fundraising strategies, recruits sponsors and volunteers, and maintains professional relationships with outside organizations. She holds degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. Marwa is a big believer in peace and is adamant that action is needed to ensure that women are part of peacebuilding and that their contributions are visible and valued.