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20s & 30s FIRST FRIDAY: Journey

Friday, November 4, 2022, 6:30–8:45 pm

In-Person: Pavilion

It's finally, solidly, chilly-ly fall. We're New Yorkers, though - and, like Abraham in this Shabbat's Torah portion, we still venture forth from our homes into the great unknown despite the bluster and the cold. As the seasons change and the leaves turn, journey forth to Central Synagogue for 20s & 30s FIRST FRIDAY Shabbat on November 4th. We're so excited to gather to celebrate the journeys big and small required to make it in the big city. We'll have (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) drinks, a delicious dinner, and davening (AKA prayer) - and we'll be sure to send you off ready to, in the wise words of a certain 80s band - take the midnight train going anywhere.