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Jewish Life at Home

Jewish Life at Home

Looking for some inspiration and creativity for sharing Jewish family life at home?

Explore some of our favorite resources here or feel free to reach out to our Director of Family Engagement, Amy Martin, for more ideas. We'd love to hear from you.


Shabbat Blessings


What is this Havadalah thing?

Rosh HaShanah

Shofar Blessing with Shira and Rabbi Lorge

Yom Kippur

Shalom Sesame “Saying Sorry”


Learn to Shake the Lulav

Simchat Torah


How to Light the Chanukah Candles

Shalom Sesame Chanukah videos

Tu BiSh’vat

Shalom Sesame Tu BiSh’vat videos


All About Mischloach Manot

Shalom Sesame Purim videos


Shalom Sesame Passover videos

Our People