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Knowing Ourselves

Julia Cadrain  |  August 26, 2020

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Source: Psalm 27: Achat Sha’alti me’eit Adonai, otah avakeish; shivti b’veit Adonai kol y’mei chayai, lachazot b’noam Adonai ulvakeir b’heichalo. One thing I ask of Adonai, for this do I yearn: to dwell in the house of Adonai all the days of my life.

Buddhist saying: What you do to yourself, you do to the world. What you do to the world, you do to yourself.

Sarah Nicole Landry:
Confidence is a resistance.
Not a mastering.
Not an absence of negative thoughts.
A resistance.

A showing up.
A defiance against our own minds, at times.
A step forward, when so much tells you to be still, and stay put.

A resistance.

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