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Peter J. Rubinstein
Wake-Up Call on Israel & Anti-Semitism (Rosh HaShanah 5763)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  September 6, 2002

This is a difficult time in Israel, some would say the most difficult time. There is no clear roadmap to peace. The economy has been decimated by the obliteration of tourism and of foreign investment. Israelis are battered by the tragedy of lost life. They are emotionally spent. Israelis are uncertain as to what to do.

Peter J. Rubinstein
Sadness and Hope (Parashat Pesach)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  March 30, 2002

The traditional joy of the observance of Passover this year is tarnished by events in Israel and great concern for the future. There is no need to recount the gruesome and mournful numbers of murdered and maimed Jews in Netanya, in Elon Moreh, and in a Jerusalem supermarket yesterday.

Peter J. Rubinstein
Repelling Evil (Yom Kippur 5762)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  September 27, 2001

Villainy and evil are not strangers to us. And yet among all the villains and disciples of evil known in our history, the paradigm of evil singled out by Moses and by God is not one of the usual suspects. The person considered by God to be of greater villainy, far greater perverseness, far greater depravity than Pharaoh, is Amalek.

Peter J. Rubinstein
After Immense Tragedy (Rosh HaShanah 5762)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  September 17, 2001

These are somber days. Though gathering for typically a joyful occasion of the new year, we enter this year 5762 with a sadness and vicious weight bearing heavily upon us. The comforting cloak of innocence has been rudely stripped from our shoulders. Never again will we contend that the violence of terror is cordoned off far away from our shores.

Peter J. Rubinstein
Moving On (Rosh HaShanah 5762)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  September 16, 2001

?This is an uncommon year, a difficult year unlike any that we’ve had before. God willing, no other city will ever again have to face the immensity of the sorrow and tragedy that our city and our nation is facing now.

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