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Video: The Music of Central Synagogue

Posted January 8, 2014

Video: The Music of Central Synagogue

Central Synagogue is widely known for its world class musicians and unique integration of song into weekly prayer. In this video, Senior Rabbi Angela Buchdahl and Assistant Cantor Julia Cadrain share their perspective on the significance and power of music in Jewish worship. Read more

Gesher Tzar M’od: A Song of Comfort

Posted April 20, 2013

Following a challenging week of national news, which included the Boston Marathon Bombings, Cantor Angela Buchdahl and Cantor Julia Katz sang “Gesher Tzar M’od” at Shabbat, a song of comfort that inspires us to “not be afraid.”

Shabbat Shirah & Tu BiSh’vat

Posted January 25, 2013

Watch and listen as Cantor Buchdahl sings her d'rash for Tu BiSh'vat and the Song of the Sea for Shabbat Shirah.

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Shabbat Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted January 18, 2013

Each year, we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during Shabbat worship, a fearless civil rights leader who understood and reminded us that, “The segregationists and racists make no fine distinction between the Negro and the Jew.”

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