Youth & Family Engagement

At Central Synagogue

Our Mission

Family Engagement at Central Synagogue serves families with children from birth through age 22. Our programs will act as a home base to facilitate Jewish experiences and inspire families, from all backgrounds, to seek out and create their own points of Jewish connection, both individually and as a family unit.

Just as we acknowledge that each family is unique, we recognize that engagement in Jewish life is not one size fits all. Family programming will be inclusive, accessible, and fun, furthering the path of life-long learning for each individual. By creating welcoming, immersive and diverse programs that transcend our physical synagogue space, Family Engagement will bring Jewish values to life, both in the home and in the larger world.

Through participation in the community, all families will create deep and lasting bonds inside of Central Synagogue that will radiate outside of our walls.

Our Guiding Questions

These seven questions will inform the work of education throughout the Youth & Family Engagement Department. Children and families at different ages and stages will be guided in answering these questions for themselves and for their families.

  1. What do Judaism and Jewish values tell me about the way I interact with other people and the world around me?
  2. What enables me to participate in Jewish communal life?
  3. What makes my home Jewish?
  4. What does God mean to me?
  5. What is the role of Israel in my life?
  6. How does Jewish history inform my Jewish identity?
  7. What role does Central Synagogue play in my Jewish life?

For information about Central Synagogue's nursery school, visit the May Family Nursery School page on our website.

For information about Central Synagogue's religious school, visit the Lese Center for Living Judaism page on our website.

Our People

Rabbi Rosenthal

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal

Director of Youth & Family Education

Lily Goldstein

Amy Martin

Director of Family Engagement

Becca Greenspan

Becca Greenspan

Family Engagement Coordinator