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The Mishkan: Celebrate Shabbat With Study and Song

Saturdays, Weekly

In-person in the Main Sanctuary and via Zoom

Central members interested in joining our Mishkan service via Zoom can email us at [email protected] for information on how to connect.

This weekly intimate, musical, and participatory service features a deeper dive into the Shabbat morning prayers. Using Mishkan T’filah as our guide, we will explore different modes of prayer, using both traditional and new music, readings, and prayer practices. Each service will offer the opportunity for Torah study. Join with an open, supportive community to “unplug,” reflect, learn and find new meaning in tradition. Throughout the summer, we’ll be meeting in the main Sanctuary from 9:30-11:00 am. (Doors open at 9:00 am).

To join in-person, just come with your proof of vaccination. (Unlike Friday night services, Mishkan is open to both members and non-members, so it’s a great way to introduce a friend to Central). The service will remain fully interactive via Zoom as well. Zoom participants will be able to take part in Torah study, offering thanks for everyday miracles and more.

You can find the Order of Service and Text Study on our website.

Here’s what our members have to say about The Mishkan:

"Two months ago, I attended my first Mishkan service and was immediately drawn to the warm and intimate setting that the clergy and the members (many of whom are regulars) have created.  The service has a beautiful cadence that gives me the opportunity to pray, to reflect, and to study Torah in a thoughtful and sometimes spirited discussion. Mishkan has become a very special part of my week, a way to worship with clergy members that I didn’t know well and who give so much of themselves every Saturday morning to making the service a deeply personal experience.  I would recommend grabbing a Starbucks on Lex and attending a service that will give you a greater appreciation of Judaism and Central."—Lee Stettner


"What a wonderful way to begin a Saturday – sitting in a semi-circle with Central friends (some new, some old), hearing such prayerful music, parsing a Torah portion together, and being in such close contact with our own spiritual leaders – sheer bliss!  And for new and wait-list members who are looking for a way to feel at home at Central, it’s a perfect way to meet people and get to know our clergy.  Saturday morning doesn’t replace Friday night services for me, it just adds additional joy to my life."—Audrey Zucker


"If you can imagine a warmer welcoming place than the sanctuary at Central, which is hard to do, then the only thing that fills the bill is the Mishkan service.  It’s a combination of meaningful prayer, and deep torah study that only can be accomplished in a small intimate setting. Personally, I feel more connected to my Jewish roots.  It also enables me to get to know other congregants better.  I am so glad that this blessing was started, and I hope it continues for a long, long time."—Laura Strauss


"The Mishkan worship experience takes place in a smaller area in the Community House in a semi-circle, all of us seated and facing each other in rows.

"Immediately there is a closeness to this gathering that allows the intention of worship and prayer to begin to happen with song, musical instruments, words.  This shabbat service worship service both expands and contracts the more formal service in the synagogue.  Yes, it is the quieter, smaller, more intimate flow that encourages deep connection to the texts, chanted and spoken. This very careful planning by the clergy allows the ease with which we move into a rich, joyful Shabbat worship experience.  It is addictive! (in a good way)"—Susan Levin Schlechter


"Experiencing Shabbat morning prayer in an intimate setting with more time for Torah study and musical exploration, led by amazing clergy and shaliach tzibur, has added immeasurably to the spiritual breadth of my Jewish observance.  There are many ways to experience communal prayer and the Mishkan service wonderfully complements Central’s other Shabbat services."—Karen Chaikin

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