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Leading a Shared Future: Israeli Women Since October 7

Thursday, November 30, 2023, 7:30–8:30 pm

In Person (Pavilion)

Before October 7, Israeli political shifts posed threats to women's rights. During the war, Israeli women have emerged as both war heroes and key community organizers – despite their absence from the decision-making table. It is increasingly clear that they are indispensable to Israel’s survival, vitality, and progress. Post-conflict, women's leadership and perspectives will be crucial in rebuilding and reshaping Israel. Meet three Israeli women – military hero of 10/7 Anat Marla, gender issues and human rights specialist Dr. Kochav Elkayam Levy, and trauma specialist Col. Tal Rosin – as they join us in person to offer their often-overlooked perspectives on the war and share their visions for creating a better and more inclusive future. Register Here


Dr. Kochav Elkayam Levy specializes in international law, gender and the protection of human rights. She has a bachelor's degree in law and political science with high honors from Bar Ilan University and a master's degree (with honors) and doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. Founder and head of the Deborah Institute that works to promote the inclusion of women in national security decision-making processes and peacemaking negotiations. Her groundbreaking research deals with transformative equality and sustainable development, as well as the relationship between religion and state and women's rights. Kochav authored a groundbreaking report for the Israeli National Security Council that examined the consequences of national crises and extreme events on women. The report made precedent-setting and infrastructural recommendations for formulating a national policy that would prevent possible harm to women in routine and emergency situations, and will ensure representation of women in decision-making centers. Since 7/10 she has established an independent civil commission that gathers all the information and evidence on war crimes against women committed by Hamas, and in a legal battle in various international forums. 

Anat Marla serves as Director of the Society and Community Division of the Kibbutz Movement. She has a bachelor's and master's degree in history from Tel Aviv University and training in group facilitation, mediation and content development and organizational learning. Before her work in the movement, she served as Kibbutz Nirim's secretary during the difficult period after Operation Tzuk Eitan and took part in leading a community rehabilitation process, accelerated construction and widespread absorption. Also, she worked for many years in the fields of communication and content, and in academic research. In her work in the movement, she was involved, among other things, in accompanying kibbutzim in the areas of absorption and growth, developing content and training on the issues of absorption and kibbutz identity. Anat is a resident of Kibbutz Nirim and a survivor of the 10/7 massacre. 

Col. Tal Rosin currently manages content and partnerships at the Israeli Coalition for Trauma. In her last position she was head of the population department at the Home Front Command and has 15 years of experience in various positions on the home front, with many years of experience in emergency preparedness and assessments of the population of the State of Israel, including leading informational processes in situations crisis, and has operational experience in crisis management over the years, among them, the Corona crisis and various military operations. Tal deals with emergency preparedness and assessments, resilience and coping in times of crisis. She is an expert in the field of population behavior and preparedness and assessments of authorities and government offices in times of emergency. Since the war began, she has been operating the Resilience Centers throughout the country.