Our Staff

At Central Synagogue

LCLJ (K-12 Education)

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal

Director of Youth and Family Education

Merissa Hochberg

Director of the Lese Center for Living Judaism

Rena Allen

Director of Developmental Learning & Special Education

Amanda Phillips

Assistant Director of the LCLJ, Grades 7-12

Mirit Sands

Assistant Director of the LCLJ, Grades PreK-6

Stella Berfas

LCLJ Educator

Rina Bergman

LCLJ Educator, Hebrew Coordinator

Ben Feshbach

LCLJ Educator

Becca Greenspan

LCLJ Educator, PreK-2nd Grade & Educator Development Coordinator

Julia Laibstain

LCLJ Educator

Guy Langer

LCLJ Educator

Eve Morin

LCLJ Educator

Eran Sabo

LCLJ Educator, Leader of Artistic Education and T'filah