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Peter J. Rubinstein
Parashat Yitro - Jethro Shabbat

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  February 10, 2012

The nature of the Torah is always that its anomalies provide the commentaries with the greatest grist to the mill of their midrashic expedition and with their fierce debate both about textual minutiae about which we probably (those of us who study) may care very little. But certainly we pay attention to the matter of pervading principles, which is very much the meat of what the commentators and responses debate about.

Angela W. Buchdahl
Israel (Parashat Lech L’cha)

Angela W. Buchdahl  |  November 4, 2011

If we judged America only by its politics, you better believe that we could feel disconnected, embarrassed and feel that America didn’t align with our values. But we know better: we know this place, we love this land, and we love our democratic history, too. What if we spent less time focusing only on the politics of Israel and got to know Israel in all its facets?

Maurice A. Salth
Who Do I Want to Be? (Yom Kippur 5772)

Maurice A. Salth  |  October 8, 2011

Deciding who we want to be is not only a game children play. It is one of life’s great challenges and it is a central question of this holy day of Yom Kippur. We take time today to reflect on what we have done with our lives and imagine what still might be.

Peter J. Rubinstein
A Journey to Faith: God Given Miracles (Yom Kippur 5772)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  October 8, 2011

As a child, I never observed the slightest indication of Jewish learning or textual interest in our home. However, what was blatantly obvious was that my dad had a powerful ancestral, primal, and instinctive connection to the Jewish people.

Peter J. Rubinstein
A Journey to Faith: Needing God (Rosh HaShanah 5772)

Peter J. Rubinstein  |  September 28, 2011

For the first time in my life and in my rabbinate I feel compelled to speak directly and publicly about…God. While I’ve referenced God in almost every sermon I presume it would be difficult for you to know what I believe about God.

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