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Ari S. Lorge
Parashat T’rumah

Ari S. Lorge  |  March 3, 2017

Stephanie D. Kolin
Parashat Mishpatim: Restoring Justice to Our Justice System

Stephanie D. Kolin  |  February 24, 2017

Instead of a system built to punish, our tradition reflects a system built to rehabilitate and restore – to provide a second chance. With support, resources, and an investment in this person, they can change their life’s trajectory...This is actually something we’ve been learning a lot about here at Central recently. Through our Listening Campaign, we found that criminal justice reform and racial equality are high on the list of things we care about as a community. We learned there is much we would like to fix about the system and we know we can’t do it all. But we learned also that we can change the system for one of the most vulnerable populations caught up in it – children.

Maurice A. Salth
Parashat Yitro

Maurice A. Salth  |  February 17, 2017

Rabbi Nicole Auerbach
Parashat Bo

Rabbi Nicole Auerbach  |  February 3, 2017

Angela W. Buchdahl
Parashat Va-eira: Walking With You

Angela W. Buchdahl  |  January 27, 2017

Standing up for the stranger, the refugee, the religious minority, is not just a matter of political debate or partisanship. It is our moral inheritance and our proud history...Some Jewish values are so clear that our spiritual home will be compromised if we stand idly by and do not act. So I promise you, we will be rigorous and thoughtful about what we do, be guided constantly by our Torah, and mindful of the diversity and sensitivities of our community.

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