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Registration for the 2018-2019 school year will open in April 2018. Stay tuned for more information.

Lese Center for Living Judaism (LCLJ)

Bringing Jewish Learning to Life

We are continuing to incorporate more “flexibility, community, and content” into our LCLJ programming next year! You’ll be able to choose from one of these great options for next fall:

LCLJ Weekday (for grades K-12)

  • Weekly courses using project-based learning
  • Choice between day and/or time by grade
  • Explore Judaic topics through technology, art, movement and more!

LCLJ Shabbat (for grades K-6)

  • Family Shabbat experience twice per month on Saturday morning
  • Family-centered service with Central Educators and Clergy
  • Child and parent learning together and separately
  • Weekly 30-minute online Hebrew tutoring session through the Jewish Journey Project
Learn more in our LCLJ Registration FAQs

LCLJ Registration FAQs

Just give me the highlights.

  • Choice of day and/or time
  • Program Options: LCLJ Weekday, LCLJ Shabbat, and Jewish Journey Project
  • Project Based Learning in all grades (see below for more information)
  • Teen trimester system
  • Increased number of teen trips

What are the options this year?

For grades K-2, families can register for either LCLJ Weekday (after-school) or LCLJ Shabbat (two Saturdays per month).

For grades 3-6, there are three options: The first is LCLJ Weekday (one day per week) and the second is LCLJ Shabbat (two Saturdays per month, plus weekly online Hebrew tutoring). If neither of those work, or if your child is interested in a different kind of learning experience, children may also register for the Jewish Journey Project.

Teens have one day per week classes spread out over different days of the week.

The exact days are available on the registration form, once you select your child’s grade.

Will days of the week get full?

YES! There is a cap on each day of the week, so if you want a particular day, please register now.

What is LCLJ Downtown and how is it different from LCLJ Weekday?

The primary way LCLJ Downtown differs from the rest of our program is in the location. LCLJ Downtown will meet on Tuesdays, with grades K-2 running from 4:15-5:45 and grades 3-6 running from 4:15-6:15 at the Grace Church School at 11th Street & 4th Ave. Students in 7th grade and above will join our teen program that takes place only in our 55th Street Location. The calendar for LCLJ Downtown will be the same as our regular LCLJ calendar. The program will be run by Central’s education team and include Judaic studies through Project Based Learning, Hebrew and tefillah (prayer). More than likely, we will have mixed-grade classes. In addition, all LCLJ Downtown families will be invited to any grade-wide Shabbat, holiday, social, and social justice programming in our main building on 55th street.

What is LCLJ Shabbat? Who should register?

LCLJ Shabbat is a family experience for students in grades K-6. Twice per month, families come together with our clergy and educators for a service, learning, and building community. This is a perfect track for families who want to celebrate Shabbat together, want to feel more connected to the Central community, or who don’t want to add another weekday commitment to their child’s schedule. LCLJ Shabbat has a weekly Hebrew component run through the Jewish Journey Project – Hebrew Homepage. This is a half-hour weekly online tutoring session structured to fit the Hebrew needs of your child.

What is the Jewish Journey Project? Who should register?

The Jewish Journey Project (JJP) is a program out of the JCC in Manhattan in partnership with a number of Manhattan synagogues. They offer very flexible class schedules around a wide variety of topics that take place in the different synagogues. This is perfect for families who cannot make the weekday or Saturday program work, who live far away from Central, or who want to take advantage of a different style of learning. Before registering for JJP, please contact Rabbi Rosenthal to discuss this option.

What are the fees associated with each program?

Different grades have different cost structures depending on the number of hours they are in class. LCLJ Shabbat and LCLJ Weekday have the same price for each grade. Jewish Journey Project has its own pricing structure. All the information is available on the registration form, after you select your child’s grade.

What about Hebrew?

Every grade K-7 will have formal Hebrew instruction as part of the curriculum. Students in K-1 will have Hebrew Through Movement and language sprinkled throughout their curriculum. In 2nd grade, students begin the process of learning the letters, vowels and sounds, and putting them together to create small words. Decoding begins in 3rd grade and continues until 7th grade, with primary emphasis on prayers. Students are divided into small groups by level.

Students in LCLJ Shabbat and the Jewish Journey Project will have one-on-one skype tutoring, provided by the Jewish Journey Project. This one-on-one tutoring is scheduled between parents and tutors.

I didn’t think my kid needed to go until 3rd grade? Why should I put my kid in K-2?

LCLJ is a comprehensive program that begins in Kindergarten and ends in 12th grade. While students must be enrolled by third grade to receive a bar or bat mitzvah date in fourth grade, we strongly encourage parents to register their children sooner. Students who do not attend LCLJ before 3rd grade will miss out on vital learning and community-building opportunities that provide the foundation of Jewish education in the upper grades.

I want to learn more about Project Based Learning. Where can I find more info?

Enrollment is open to members only.

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